Case Study 3

A $10B Annual Revenue, Service Provider Company, Publicly Traded on the NYSE

The coaching client was a technical expert who lacked leadership experience and competencies. His supervisor, a corporate executive was in line for promotion, but lacked a successor.  After several failed attempts to hire a replacement for the executive from outside the company, the decision was made to try and develop the client, thereby promoting from within. This was a 12-month coaching engagement during which time we focused on helping the client identify his transferrable skills, develop leadership competencies, and overcome failures due to the tendency to stay in his comfort zone of technical expertise, rather than strategically leading. It was also important for this client to gain the respect of his previous peers (now direct reports), some of whom had been vying for the position he was promoted to. At the end of the coaching engagement, the client had successfully transitioned to a competent, transformational leader, whose team delivered exceptional, measurable results. Pre and post 360 evaluations showed a 50% increase in direct report trust of executive and a 30% increase in effective delegation. Our client enjoyed several company awards for outstanding leadership and remarkable client relations, leading to additional contract awards to the Company.