Building Relationships

In life and in business, long term success is always achieved through building and maintaining great relationships! But how often do leaders and managers really focus on that all-important competency? Studies suggest, not enough.

While there may be several reasons that leaders fail to focus on this all important skill, often if is because they just don’t know how to build good and lasting relationships. And, just as often, they don’t think it’s important. But let’s face it – no man (or woman) is an island and success cannot come without the help of others.

In our “Building Relationships” workshop, your leadership team will conduct an assessment of their key relationships, important for their individual and collective success on the job; they will learn the major elements of a successful relationship and how to repair broken trust and fractured friendships; they will learn how to avoid distortions in communication; and they will learn how to develop good habits that lead to great relationships.

This eight-hour training includes assessment and workbook.