DISCovery for Leaders

Mobilize the Power of Communication through DISCovery for Leaders!

In this highly interactive workshop your leaders will understand how communication diversity can create and solve problems in the work environment • Set expectations in a way that will get the most out of each team member • Determine how to best align the team to the work, based on the unique behavioral strengths of each member • Learn the type of leadership style and communication that your team needs to be successful.

Developed by William Moulton Marston using Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, the DISC system provides valuable insights for understanding and communicating with others. Each letter in DISC represents a distinct behavioral style that describes how individuals approach problems, people, pace, and procedures.

Join us and learn the strengths and challenges of your own DISC style, including your filters, judgments, natural behaviors, how you respond to stress, and how others perceive you.

You’ll also learn how to spot the behavior styles of others in order to communicate more effectively with people, build rapport, leverage their strengths, and motivate others to achieve. With this high-intensity training, you’ll DISCover the power of communication styles and push your team’s performance to new heights!