Negotiations in the Everyday Work Environment

What comes to your mind when you think of negotiating? Mediators, arbitrators, union bosses? The truth is, each of us negotiates every day of our lives.  And how well we negotiate determines how successful our lives are.

Learning how to negotiate in work environments is particularly important, as leaders must negotiate successfully with suppliers, clients, employees, bosses and peers. But let’s face it – most of us are not very good at negotiating. And if we’re honest, most of us even cringe at the thought of it. But the great news is, armed with the fundamentals, plus a little practice, you’ll become great a negotiating in no time!

In our full day workshop “Everyday Negotiations in the Work Place,” you will learn the different types of negotiations and how to prepare for each; the Six Negotiation Myths that lead to mistakes in negotiating; the three vital areas you need to assess before entering into a negotiation; how to develop your “target point” and “BATNA;” how to claim value, and many other key strategies. Through both lecture and dyadic and group role play, you will learn the fine art of negotiating with various groups.

Additionally, participants will learn the role that negotiator creativity plays in negotiation settlement quality; how negotiators can create rapport/trust in email negotiations; how nonverbal communication can disrupt cross-cultural negotiations; and how the negotiator’s level of emotional intelligence predicts settlement quality.

Whether you’re an inexperienced or seasoned negotiator, this workshop will sharpen your skills and give provide you with skills you need to be more successful on and off the job.

Includes full color workbook with preparation sheets and templates.