Stop Managing Stress – Start Leveraging Energy

Job pressure is the number one cause of stress in the U.S. and it’s costing businesses billons! In 2014, a study conducted by Stanford business professors Jeffrey Pfeffer and Stefanos A. Zenios found that businesses spend $190B annually on stress-related health care. And the World Health Organization estimates that American businesses spend $300B on stress-related behaviors such as absenteeism, legal costs, accidents, disengagement, loss of brilliance and creativity, and burnout.

The demands of modern business overwhelm more primitive stress physiology and moreover, the workplace culture has evolved to reward behaviors that increase stress.

While the neuro-physiology of the stress reaction reduces self-awareness and capacity to self-adjust, there are simple techniques and shifts which can empower individuals and companies to develop resilience and reclaim brilliance.

 In this full day workshop you will:

  • Gain clarity and improved knowledge of the mechanism of stress management (including some neuropsychology of leadership)
  • Have a model to frame conversations and strategies to reduce stress and energy loss
  • Learn simple, in-the-moment techniques to reset/reclaim energy
  • Develop a framework for long term strategies
  • Create an outline for goal setting, accountability and setting up for successful behavior change
  • Have an opportunity to begin discussions designed to change your work (and home) culture to support healthier behaviors